Cruiser’s Club Unlimited Wash Program Terms and Conditions

By becoming a member of the Unlimited Program (“you” or a “Member”) and receiving benefits of the Unlimited Program, you agree that you have read, understood, and accepted these Program Terms and Conditions. These Program Terms and Conditions supersede all previous terms and conditions of the Unlimited Program.

As an Unlimited Program member, you understand that you have enrolled in a monthly recurring membership program and the credit card provided will be automatically charged each month until the membership is cancelled or terminated. No prior notification of such charges will be provided unless the date or amount of your monthly charge changes or if these terms change, in which case Company will provide at least 30 days’ notice prior to payment being collected through a communication to you through the email and/or mobile number associated with your Cruiser’s Club Account, a notice will also be posted on our website at .

You agree to provide all personal and vehicle information requested on membership application.

You authorize Cruiser’s Corner Car Wash or its agent to charge your credit card account for the amount of the monthly membership fee. The monthly billing date will be the same date the initial membership purchase is completed.

Monthly memberships must be billed to a valid debit or credit card. Memberships cannot be purchased via any mobile pay application or platform.

You understand that you may cancel your membership at any time, in accordance with these Program Terms and Conditions, by submitting a cancellation request in person or by visiting and filling out an online cancellation request.

Program Benefits

Unlimited Program membership provides unlimited car washes* for your qualifying registered vehicle during regular business hours at Cruiser’s Corner Car Wash. Also includes unlimited vacuum usage. Participating locations and hours of operation are listed at Company reserves the right to alter hours of operation or limit services at any time and for any reason, for example and without limitation, equipment failure, preventive maintenance, upgrades, repairs, power outages, inclement weather, staffing shortages and holidays. Company will not refund, prorate, compensate or pay cash, cash equivalent, or credit accounts during these periods.

*Wash details are determined by the wash package you select, which will be identified in your enrollment materials. Wash package details and options are posted onsite at Cruiser’s Corner War Wash or by visiting

Program Restrictions

Cruiser’s Club Membership is restricted to one vehicle only per account. Fastpass RFID Tag MUST remain attached to the front windshield of the specific vehicle registered on member’s account. Transfer of Fastpass between multiple vehicles is NOT allowed. If you change your vehicle, promptly notify Cruiser’s Corner to update your member account prior to attempting to wash new vehicle.

Commercial vehicles, including ride-sharing, taxi and limousines are restricted to the “Classic Wash Plan” only.

Vacuums are restricted to interior vehicle use only! Not for use on engine compartments or truck beds. They may NOT be used to vacuum liquids, including, but not limited to, water, gasoline, paint, motor oils and fluids, drywall, etc. Members doing so may be held responsible for repair and/or replacement costs.

Dumping of Tires, Batteries, Furniture, Electronics, Yard Debris and Household trash is expressly forbidden. (ORS 164.125)

Vehicle restrictions such as type, height, clearance, tire size etc. can be found at

The following vehicle models cannot be washed at our facility. Hummer H1, Ford Raptor Pickup, Ram TRX Pickup and Tesla Cybertruck.

Membership Enrollment

To enroll in the Cruiser’s Club Unlimited Wash Program, visit Cruiser’s Corner Car Wash in person. Or You may apply online at After you review the Program Terms and Conditions, complete, sign and submit the enrollment form. An employee will place a “Fastpass” RFID Tag on your front windshield to finalize your membership enrollment. The RFID tag has your unique membership number printed on it. RFID Tags must be applied to the front windshield of the registered vehicle by a Cruiser’s Corner Car Wash employee, unless otherwise instructed, and must remain on the front windshield during your membership. Tampering with RFID tags can result in cancellation of membership.

Membership Fees

Program fees are determined by the wash plan you select. All wash plan pricing is available at and clearly identified on site and in all enrollment materials.

Occasionally a promotional discounted introductory period is available for the Cruiser’s Club Unlimited Wash Program. When available, it will be specified at the time of purchase. The introductory period is intended to allow new and certain former members to try the services. As a result, the availability, duration, and any other terms for the introductory period may vary as determined by Cruiser’s Corner Car Wash at its sole discretion. At the expiration of any discounted introductory period, we will charge the then-current fee for your chosen plan on your next billing cycle to your Payment Method and your membership will automatically renew. In the event that we determine that you are not eligible for the introductory discount, we reserve the right to revoke your discounted introductory period and charge you the then-current fee for the plan you selected and/or put your Cruiser’s Club Unlimited Wash Membership plan on hold.

Billing Cycle

The membership fee for our service will be billed on the first day that you join the Cruiser’s Club Unlimited Wash plan. It shall be billed on the corresponding day to the payment card on file on each subsequent month thereafter until cancelled or terminated.

Rate Increases

Cruiser’s Corner reserve the right to adjust pricing for our services. Members will be notified by email and/or text no less than 30 days prior to any membership rate change. A notification will also be posted on our website at

Membership Cancellation

Membership may be canceled at any time. Cancellations must be received at least seven (7) days prior to the next billing date, otherwise you may be charged for that month and the cancellation will be effective the following billing date. Upon cancellation of your membership in the Unlimited Program, all unredeemed benefits will be forfeited, and you will no longer be able to participate in the Unlimited Program. Company will not refund, prorate, compensate or pay cash, cash equivalent, or credit for any forfeited or unused benefits.

    Cancellation may be performed in (3) ways:
  1. Cancel in person by visiting Cruiser’s Corner Car Wash and completing a cancellation form.
  2. Visit scroll to “How do I cancel my membership” and complete online cancellation form.
  3. Visit and select the manage my account tab

Membership Pause

Member may pause account for a specified period of time. Example 30,60 or 90 days. After which membership will automatically renew without notice. Open ended pauses are not allowed and will be considered a cancellation.

Membership Termination

Company may, in its discretion, suspend your benefits, or terminate your membership account, at any time with immediate effect and without written notice in instances where Company believes that you have (i) acted in a manner inconsistent with applicable laws or regulations, (ii) a monthly charge is declined by the card processing system or you otherwise failed to pay Company amounts due, (iii) acted in an disruptive, inappropriate, fraudulent, abusive, hostile, or unsafe manner, (iv) breached or violated any of these Program Terms and

Conditions, or (v) engaged in any misconduct or wrongdoing in connection with the Unlimited Program. Nothing contained in these Program Terms and Conditions will limit Company in the exercise of any legal or equitable rights or remedies.

Upon termination of your membership in the Unlimited Program for any reason, all unredeemed benefits will be forfeited, and you will no longer be able to participate in the Unlimited Program. Company will not refund, prorate, compensate or pay cash, cash equivalent, or credit for any forfeited or unused benefits. Whether you may re-enroll in the Unlimited Program after a termination is at Company’s sole discretion.

Privacy & Your Personal Information

By providing your email and mobile phone number, you may receive emails, texts, and notifications from Cruiser’s Corner Car Wash about your Cruiser’s Club Unlimited Wash membership. Standard message and data rates may apply. Per our privacy policy, your personal information may be used solely for marketing and communications from Cruiser’s Corner Car Wash. Your personal information will not be sold to any third party.