Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect when I go to Cruiser's Corner?
You should expect to receive a quality car wash. You will be greeted by our friendly team members, who will safely guide you into the wash. They will give you some brief safety instructions prior to starting. That’s it! Sit back and relax. Our team will handle the rest!
What are your hours of operation?
Summer is from 8am - 8pm, 7 days a week. Winter is from 8:30am - 7pm, 7 days a week. Our hours may be adjusted seasonally or during extreme weather events.
What payment options do you accept?
We accept cash, credit/debit, monthly subscriptions.
Do I get a discount when I buy gas?
You bet you do! Just make sure to select and purchase your wash at the pump, and you’ll save 10-30¢/gallon.
How much do your vacuums cost?
Our new vacuums are FREE to anyone purchasing a car wash. Just enter the code from your receipt and vacuum away!
Do you recycle water?
Absolutely! We use a process called “reclaiming” in which wash water is collected, filtered and re-used in the next wash process. We do not discharge our water into the storm system.
What kind of chemicals do you use?
We use pH-balanced wash solutions that contain no acids, caustic chemicals, or phosphates that can damage or “burn” your vehicle’s finish. In fact, our wash solutions are even biodegradable.
What types of vehicles can you wash?
We can wash most models of cars, vans, trucks, and SUVs up to 90” in height.
What types of vehicles can’t you wash?
We unfortunately cannot wash:
  • Any vehicle 90” or taller, including lifted vehicles and those with a roof-mounted rack that don’t meet this specification
  • Dual rear-wheel trucks or vans
  • Low-suspension clearance or “slammed” vehicles with clearance of less than 6”
  • Pickup trucks with large, offset wheels
  • Vehicles with body damage resulting in loose parts that may come off during the wash
  • Hummer H1s (due to their extreme width)
What are your rules for trucks?
Your bed must be free of any debris. No gravel, sand, bark dust, drywall, etc. If you’ve been “offroading” and your vehicle is covered in mud, you will need to rinse your truck before entering our wash. Your tailgate must be up. Your trailer hitch must be removed. If equipped, retract your towing mirrors. Tires cannot exceed 12.5” in width. Wheels cannot extend more than 4” from the flat surfaces of the truck. Antenna must be removed.
I am unhappy with my wash. What do I do?
At Cruiser’s, we always want our Members and customers to have a great experience when they visit. We strive to provide a quality wash every time, and we also want our customers to have a reasonable expectation of what our washes can do. Please remember that the overall condition of your vehicle will definitely affect the outcome of your wash. If you haven’t washed your vehicle in months or years, or if it’s been parked under a tree and is covered in leaves and moss, it may take several trips before your car’s surfaces are clean. Sorry, we just can’t guarantee it. Feel free to ask one of our team members. They’re trained to handle reasonable requests and will be able to assess your car’s condition and give you some input.
Is your car wash safe? Will it damage my car?
The answer is Yes. And we even warranty vehicles up to 1 year after the manufacturer’s warranty ends.
I’ve got X, Y, Z on my car…Can you get it off?
We field many questions regarding eggs, tree sap, leaves and needles, hardened pollen, road tar, oil, mold, mildew, moss, bird droppings, and insects. The answer is, maybe! Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that they will come off. The key is to wash your car quickly. Do not let them dry and harden. The above items are acidic and will damage your paint if left unaddressed. Some items may need a solvent-based cleaner to remove. We suggest that you consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual or a professional detailer.
My paint has oxidized. Will your wash restore my paint job?
Sorry, that’s one problem we can’t fix. You will need to have your vehicle professionally detailed or possibly repainted.
What is your damage claim policy?
This car wash uses a combination of chemicals and friction to provide a safe exterior car wash for your vehicle. It is vigorously maintained and set to factory specifications. This car wash uses non-abrasive soft cloth and solid core foam material on all equipment that touches your vehicle, as well as applying liberal amounts of soap, polishes and waxes during the wash process. It will not scratch the paint of vehicles with normal on-road driving dirt. However, we will not guarantee the condition of vehicles with excessive dirt build up i.e., months of not being washed or off-road mud, dirt or sand. We will also will not guarantee the condition of vehicles after major winter storm events.

Mechanical car washes are designed to safely wash all factory stock vehicles in proper working condition. They will not arbitrarily pick out a certain vehicle and damage it. This car wash will not damage or remove items such as mirrors, chrome, moldings, emblems, lenses, wipers or antenna’s that are properly and securely fastened. Most automobile manufacturers use plastic clips and or glue adhesive to secure the afore mentioned items. With time, temperature and normal wear and tear these items can and will fatigue, loosen and break during the normal wash process. THUS, WE ONLY WARRANTY VEHICLES FOR UP TO 1 YEAR AFTER THE ORIGINAL FACTORY WARRANTY ENDS. THIS WARRANTY ONLY APPLIES TO (OEM) ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURERS PARTS AND DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY AFTERMARKET OR DEALER INSTALLED ACCESSORIES. OWNERS OF VEHICLES WITH SUCH ACCESSORIES ENTER AT THEIR OWN RISK.

Examples of Accessories:
Bug Shields
Vent Visors
Roof Racks
License Plate Covers
Deer Whistles
Rear View Cameras
Trailer Hitch Inserts
Cargo Containers
Running Boards
Head/Tail Lamp covers

We offer no warranty expressed or implied if your vehicle meets the following conditions:
· Vehicle is registered on a rebuilt/salvaged/Branded title.
· Vehicle was purchased at auction within 180 days.
· Vehicle has pre-existing body damage
· Vehicle has an altered suspension
· Vehicle has Rock Chips/Cracks in glass

We at Cruiser’s Corner Car Wash try to identify any possible problem areas with vehicles and alert its driver. However, this does not change the fact that it is always the owner/operator's responsibility to ensure that their vehicle is in a condition suitable for mechanical washing prior to entering the car wash.

If your claim meets the afore mentioned criteria, please fill out the attached information form and provide proof of purchase to attendant and a manager will contact you within 1-2 business days. Download damage policy here
What is/are your physical site address(es)?
We are located at 17405 SW Farmington Rd., Aloha, OR 97007, right behind the Shell gas station in the Bales Farmington Marketplace.
What service level and specific service offerings are included at your car wash (e.g., express only v. interior v. oil change v. detail)?
We only wash the outside of your car! If you need full-service or detailing options, we have great referrals to meet your needs.
How do I sign up for Cruiser's Club?
Sign up for the Cruiser's Club on site. Simply ask your friendly attendant how to join!
How do I change, pause, or cancel my Cruiser’s Club Membership?
That’s easy. To change, pause, or cancel your Membership, simply contact us with your request. All we ask is that you contact us at least 7 days before your Membership renews. Please remember that all Memberships are active and available until your next billing date. No refunds, prorated or otherwise, will be issued upon cancellation.
How to Get In Touch We can:
  • Change your wash Membership (upgrade or downgrade your existing Membership)
  • Temporarily pause your Membership (example: extended vacation)
  • Cancel your Membership
  • Assign a new label to your vehicle (example: change of vehicle)
I own more than 1 car. Can I use my Membership for all of them?
Memberships are currently vehicle-specific, 1 membership per vehicle. We have an app in development that should incorporate a multi-vehicle/family plan Membership.
Can I wash my electric or hybrid vehicle at Cruiser's?
Come on down, we'd love to! Before you arrive, be sure to check your vehicle's manual and follow it's instruction on putting the vehicle in neutral upon entering the tunnel.