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Our water reclamation system collects water from each use, filters out the sediment and chemicals, and re-uses the clean water for the next wash. Our water is never discharged into local storm systems or into gutters as parking-lot runoff. Our chemicals are biodegradable and pH-balanced.


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“The best way to minimize the effect washing your car has on the environment is to use a commercial car wash. Most locations reuse wash water several times before sending it to a treatment plant.”

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Cruiser's cares about our Aloha community. Our wash helps keep cars--and the environment--clean.

Washing a car at home uses anywhere from 40 to 140 gallons of water, compared to 9-15 gallons at Cruiser’s. That’s a 65% reduction! Not only is water conservation important, but the runoff from home washing delivers phosphates, road grime, paint chips, and other harmful elements into streams and waterways without proper treatment.

Our professional systems ensure that all water goes into the proper filtering systems, keeping local wildlife and our drinking water safe. For more information, visit the CWA Association.