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How Cruiser's Cares for Your Car

  • The Hot Rod


    • Everything in The Roadster Wash Plus:
    • + 5X Soap Application
    • + Python Tire, Wheel & Rocker Cleaner
    • + Undercarriage Flush
    • + Ceramic Gloss
    • + Graphene Protective Coating
    • 10 minute Free Vacuum
    • Complimentary Drying Towel



  • The Roadster


    • Everything in the The Classic Wash Plus:
    • + 4X Soap Application
    • + Tire & Wheel Cleaner
    • + Foaming Polish Bath
    • + Omni Hi Pressure Blast
    • + Clearcoat Sealant
    • + Carnauba Wax
    • 10 minute Free Vacuum
    • Complimentary Drying Towel



  • The Classic


    • Soft Cloth Wash
    • 3X Soap Application
    • Clean Water Rinse
    • Power Air Dry
    • 10 minute Free Vacuum
    • Complimentary Drying Towel



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Welcome to Cruiser's Corner Car Wash, previously known as Farmington Center Car Wash. We’ve got some exciting things happening around here. We can’t wait to show you how we’ve taken everything you love about Farmington Center and made it easier, friendlier, faster, and better! We can’t wait for you to enjoy an enhanced experience at Cruiser's Corner!


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The Cruiser's Story

Locally owned and operated since 1998, Cruiser's Car Wash (formerly Farmington Center Car Wash) has been a staple in the Aloha community. We take pride in providing fair-wage employment for the amazing people of Aloha. We value our customers and strive to provide you with great service.

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